Our expertise

We advise and assist you in all legal matters of your project challenge from its planning over its entire life cycle – if desired by a comprehensive one-stop-approach.

Areas of expertise:

Financial innovation, Fintech

We support you with clarification relating to the duty or recommendation of authorisation of your project with the supervisory authority, its structuring and, if applicable, may undertake the authorisation process with the supervisory authority. Thereby you will benefit from our first-hand-expert-knowledge gained by longtime representation of the securities and financial markets division of the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) Liechtenstein in its interdisciplinary practical special unit „Regulatory Laboratory/Financial Innovation“ (FinLab) and the representation of the FMA in the financial innovation standing committee (FISC), an international working group of the European Markets Authority (ESMA).

External legal / compliance

We are happy to accompany you as a permanent external legal/compliance department or you can access our expertise on a contingent basis - in each case within the framework of the legal areas managed by the law firm. Therefore we offer you flexible solutions adapted to your needs:   - Smart: 1 hour per month  - Silber: 5 hour per month  - 10 hours per year discretionary callable (max. 5 hours per month)  - Platinum: 30 hours per year (max. 5 hours per month)

Companies law

We support you from the choice of the suitable legal form for your project through its foundation to its termination, with company foundations, resolutions, mergers, relocation of registered offices, liquidations, etc. The additional specialisation as part of a certified specialist lawyer course for commercial and corporate law (Fachanwaltslehrgang).

Capital markets law / financial markets law

We assist you with the structuring of your project in its pre-stage and accompany you along the authorisation process with the supervisory authority, prepare the required documentation, etc. You benefit from almost 15 years of international in-depth and specific capital market and financial market law experience. At last this was acquired during 8 years as legal specialist in the areas of securities and financial markets and banks at the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) Liechtenstein with respect to all legal matters from preliminary investigations to the liquidation to the termination of financial services companies and their products. Corresponding we support you with regulatory compliance advice.

Administrative law / Administrative criminal law

We legally assist you in administrative and criminal queries in relation to the financial markets and business law.

Business law

We support you in the implementation of your individual projects within the framework of commercial law in general. This also includes the consideration of liability law aspects or (international) tax law issues.